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Fitness Consultant
Are We For the Right Fit For You?

What do employees have to say about working here? -https://youtu.be/_o67lOL3nUk

If you have ever been told are a people person or love talking to others. This dynamic job is for you!
This is not your average 9-5 Desk job! A Built Phoenix Strong Sales Consultant is a life changing position!



About the Job:

The Founder (Placid Ajoku II) has trained over 600 former professional athletes including players from the Atlanta Falcons, Arizona Cardinals, and Miami Dolphins while also being featured in Vinings Lifestyle Magazine

See What Clients Say! – https://builtphoenixstrong.org/testimonials/

Job Purpose:

Selling Fitness Programs

Conducting Lead Calls

Booking Meetings
No Experience Needed

Upselling Personal Training

Job Duties:

Job duties include: Booking Sales Meetings, Conducting Sales Appointments, Upselling Fitness Programs






A coachable attitude and aggressive personality is far more important to us than having any previous experience. We will spend time training skills, we will not spend time training attitude.

Have great attitude and a desire to learn

Contact Us?:

Young or old, if you have the stuff, we want to hear from you.

We’d love to hear from happy people like you (unless you are a troll, a whiner, chronically late, lazy or perpetually angry). Please do not apply if this is you!
-Coach Placid Ajoku II
Founder of BuiltPhoenixStrong.org
National Championship Football Coach
5-Time Collegiate Champion

Flexible Schedule Available

Job Type:

Part-Time/ Full Time

Job Type: Full-time


Job Types: Full-time, Part-time
Pay: $70.00 per hour

Monday to Friday

Work Location: One location

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