Brown & Riding Insurance Services, Inc

Position Summary:
Manage assigned accounts written within Underwriting & Select Accoutns. Assisting with the Underwriting and processing of new and renewal business written within the scope of the Underwriting Department. Job duties include servicing active and expired policy files, and developing and fostering profitable relationships with clients, internal and external, in accordance with established Brown & Riding values, goals, and procedures.
Essential Functions:

Meet quality measurement goals by delivering high quality service in. Through the submission process, help the Underwriter meet and exceed client expectations by clearly defining and managing client coverage goals, priorities, and overall expectations (utilize Pre-Qualification Checklist on every submission). Assist the Underwriter with policy issuance for all represented carriers, maintain policy register, perform inspection processing, manage certificates of insurance for all carriers, manage bind request (internally and externally), endorsement processing including notice of cancellation, loss runs, claims and audits. Identify and correct inconsistencies or errors in relevant documents and promptly correct/clarify same with the client and/or broker. Assist Underwriter in soliciting timely and substantive responses to submissions and effectively negotiate pricing and terms from referral carrier Underwriters.
Meet quality measurement goals by delivering high quality service in servicing assigned clients and accounts. Oversee all ongoing file activity including assuring overall quality, timeliness, and accuracy of policies, endorsements, and all other active and dead file correspondence and documentation. Above all, ensure that the policy delivered to client is what was promised by Brown & Riding.
Develop and maintain strong market and client relationships.

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