Green Man Cannabis

Greets and provides excellent customer service to guests in a timely and informative manner to ensure the business flow and guest need is cohesive.

A Budtender must be competent in all Reception duties and able to perform the allotted tasks: answering phones, checking in guests, housekeeping ect.

Must be well-versed in categories such as strains, hashes, edibles, topicals and accessories. Within each of these categories, the budtender must also know the differences between Indica, Sativa and Hybrid strains; with the ability to give the proper recommendations for smokeables, edibles mg dosage, topicals and accessories.

Fluent with Flowhubs check-in process, sales orders, and applies specials as needed.

Responsible for maintaining the optimum “Customer Experience” and up-sells to increase margins.

Knowledgeable in industry laws and regulations pertaining to retail sales.

Follows compliance protocol set by the MED.

Must maintain an accurate drawer of $200.00 (plus the reconciliation of all sales tied to ones drawer). Any drawer shortages will be recorded and the responsibility of the Budtender to make up.

Assists management in identifying inventory items in need of restocking.

Maintains strain displays and signage to indicate product prices.

Throughout the day, the Budtender maintains a clean, fully stocked and tidy sales counter.. This includes making sure plastic drams and paper bags are fully stocked, and all printers have adequate paper.

Labels store merchandise and stickers jars upon request.

Checks company email and the Memo Board for staff updates.

Must know proper operation of scales and weights.
knowledge of Flowhub and various online ordering platforms is necessary
The budtender should behave in a manner which is welcoming, non-judgmental and respectful of the circumstances and rights of all visitors


Maintaining a thorough understanding of health and safety protocol for oneself and others.

Using security systems as instructed.

Identifying potential risks within the GMC environment and undertaking to minimize such risks.

Understanding and utilizing appropriate infection control procedures, maintaining hygiene in work areas and keeping the premises free from hazards.

Immediate reporting of potential risks as identified.


Ensure policies and procedures relating the protection of personal and sensitive data must be adhered to at all times and only divulged to authorize persons.

Support the equality, diversity and rights of patients in a manner that is consistent with GMC policies.

The privacy, dignity and beliefs of patients, careers and colleagues must be respected.

The budtender should behave in a manner which is welcoming, non-judgmental and respectful of the circumstances and rights of all visitors.


Participate in any training program deemed appropriate .

An annual individual performance review, to include the contribution of a record of own personal and professional development and discussing targets for the future.

Taking responsibility for own development, learning and performance and demonstrating skills to other members of staff when required.


Effectively prioritize own time and workload

Alert colleagues to issues of quality and risk

Assess own performance and take accountability for own actions

Contribute to the effectiveness of the team by making suggestions for areas of improvement

Work constructively with individuals in other organizations to meet patient’s needs

Communicate problems effectively with other team members and work together towards a solution

GMC is an equal opportunity employer and offers a competitive salary with health insurance benefits.

copy of your resume to [email protected]

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